Digital Culture &
Digital Prevention

Digitalization, the networking of man and machine, the use of IoT and artificial intelligence enable a completely new collaboration.
Digital assistants support routines and create safety and hygiene at work.

Inspirational Offices
are created...

In terms of coworking spaces and Serviced- or Corporate Offices. This promotes encounters and experiences that simply cannot be replicated in a home office.

Performance and
Experience create ROI

The spatial assignment of departments to floors or specific building areas will partially dissolve, because the team is rarely physically present on site simultaneously. Office space will be reduced overall, but the demand per user will increase – alongside their quality requirements.

Multidimensional Office

The new desire for digitality, from reservations to cognitive environments, is on the upswing. Digital booking systems are required on a broad front in order to manage the utilization of the various workplace- and room in an economically secure manner, given the current risk of infection. By offering attractive (digital) services in the building, people prefer to go to the office.