Vernetzte Technologien

Smart Technologies.

Technology is the leading force considering flexibility, mobility and connectivity in the workplace. The internet gifts us a world of connected “smart object” in buildings and working spaces.

The moment companies introduce new technologies and connect their workflow, they have to consider the advantages of disruptive trends and weigh them against existing platforms of communication.

Smart Working Connected Technology

Audio, video, data. Presentation and conferencing.

Flexible and agile actions require severance from physical devices. Thereby arises the possibility to pool various virtual resources into a network and thus refine services.

Video-audio-routing of media, ICT, security via ip-encoder, decoder, and transceiver, network streaming and video management are transported throughout corporate network (VLAN).

The future. Hybrid solutions.

Companies evolve gradually. Thus the need for platforms, which support traditional as well as future communication. Hybrid solutions have the advantage of risk avoidance by enhancing existing audio-video-data communication. The result:

  • lower amount of investment
  • reduction of support services
  • higher acceptance from users

What’s next? Technology driven innovation!

We need an environment, in which innovation is part of corporate culture. Without people no progress. Without technologies no innovation.

» Our experiences and know how, in connection with worldwide partnerships, create a basis for lasting media and it systems, from which our clients profit. «

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Michael Steininger

Michael Steininger

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Horst Steinbacher

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