Agile Arbeitswelt

The office of the future is in digital motion

By 2020 there will be more workplaces that support creativity, mobility and flexibility than ever before. There will be a new form of collaboration- a cosmos of experiences, shaped by it’s analogue and digital surroundings, which invite employees and visitors to communicate, brainstorm and socially exchange.

Agile Working Worlds

Network. New collaboration.

Teams are no longer working within corporate boundaries. They are spread over various locations and even countries and can include employees, external team members, as well as clients and partners.

Change space. Experience the identity of businesses

Work and communication are in constant change. Within this change informal and project related working spaces emerge, which foster these kind of shifts. These structures are highly flexible, adaptive and keep companies progressive and dynamic.
Working spaces, office or campus, offer the possibility to interactively experience these businesses, hold meetings and develop projects.

Out of office. Working on the move.

Working on one’s own terms is being favored. Connected homes and mobile offices are gaining popularity, in which employees are granted safe access to resources and data. This shift offers great value and enriches productivity.

What’s next? The power of openness!

Work and communication need an ambience, which allows questions, connects generations and offer spaces to think and try out.

» We from officeMedia are fast to participate in the creative process of new working spaces. Together with developers, architects and contractors, we define technological infrastructure. «

Consult our experts on the chances of new media, IT and security systems and its impacts on the work world of the future.

Michael Steininger

Michael Steininger

Horst Steinbacher

Horst Steinbacher

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